2016 Dental Mastery – Doubling Your Practice

Is doubling your dental practice realistic?

Yes, I did it. So have many other clients of Catalyst Dental. Before we start talking about the reasons why our program is effective, let’s talk about what it actually is.

By now you probably know that Catalyst Dental specializes in educational seminars for your patients and potential patients. When we talk about dental mastery it means finding your passion in a specialized field of dentistry and marketing yourself as the area expert in that niche. Maybe you get excited about solving sleep apena issues for patients who have trouble breathing at night, or maybe your are like me and enjoy the process and results of dental implants or thin veneers. That’s what we mean by “Dental Mastery”. Become the expert. Become the go-to dentist in your market with our programs.

Catalyst Dental is not your magic formula to doubling your practice unless you implement the tools we put in place for you. We have tried and tested every avenue when it comes to promotion, implementation, presentation and follow-up of our dental marketing seminars.  There are other dental seminar programs out there but none as thorough as ours. I really new I was on to something when my small town practice generated over $75,000 with 12 attendees. 

This is not to brag or give you false expectations. We are telling you this because as Catalyst Dental has grown, our programs have been used in dental offices across the country. Check out our real testimonials here. 

So often, we hear from dentists who are investing marketing dollars in too many places with not enough phone calls coming in. Not only that the messaging in not frequent enough and or fragmented so when you get a patient to sit down in your chair, they still have no idea that you offer smile correction. Let’s face it, marketing is tough, and what works in one market might not work in the next. The reason our program is a one size fits all is because, in marketing one thing never changes, connecting with people. Connecting with your community, your patients is a timeless effort. Haven’t you ever thought, if I could just have a conversation with the people of my community, they would happily be a patient of mine. But doing that through fast paced medial is hard.

Our system to bringing patients to your door and spending time with you to learn about your specialty is focused on two things, helping your patients while doubling your revenue. To learn more, Contact Us Today.