About Catalyst Dental


Designed to be delegated. Make money and be happy in your practice.

It’s time to get excited! You know when you’re on the verge of something big? A positive change that gives you an immense feeling of invincibility and success – that you’re on the threshold of finally realizing and enacting positive change, and that you now understand and see things you didn’t before? Well, get ready because we’re about to take your dental practice to dizzying heights!

New Patients = Increased Revenue

I’m going to show you how to explode your business with new dental implant case patients, generate new income like you’ve got a license to print money, and position yourself and your business as the authority in dental implants within your market.

What is Catalyst Dental System?

I’ve put together the Catalyst Dental System as a turn-key marketing and new business platform for building a patient base of dental implant cases. All you need to do is follow my plan! It’s fairly simple, low cost to get started (the ROI is off the charts!), doesn’t require too much additional work for you and your staff, and best of all, you’ll see amazing results!

Why Our Niche Dental Marketing Solutions

To give you a bit of a background, I’m Dr. Jason W. Lowry. I am a solo practitioner in a small, blue collar town in the middle of the desert-beautiful Kingman, Arizona. Dental implants have always been an important part of my love of dentistry, so it only seemed natural for me to delve further into implant cases.

Over the years, through personal trial and error, I’ve built and refined a comprehensive systems for marketing, promoting and guiding patients in dental implants. My dental implant marketing program success has lead me to creating other niche dental marketing programs with proven track records in dental offices across the country. This has resulted in me doubling the size of my practice and booming my income. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and I’ve condensed the good into a fool proof plan of action for you and your staff to execute. It’s that easy!

So buckle up and let’s get you on the fast track to success!





Dental Implants

Rapidly expand your practice by increasing the volume of dental implant procedures each month with the Catalyst implant kit.

Short Term Ortho

If you love Short Term Ortho, you’ll love our Six Month Smiles seminar marketing system! Grow your STO patients now!

Sleep Apnea

Patients want more treatment options for sleep apnea besides CPAP machines. Check out our sleep apnea marketing kit!

Thin Veneers

Give your patients the smile they want while raking in profits and new patients using our amazing Catalyst thin veneer marketing kit.