What is it about Seminar Marketing that is so effective?

It’s the personal face to face connection you make with your community. The ROI on dental implant seminar marketing has been proven to out perform any other form of advertising if it is done correctly. This is why I created my Dental Implants program. This program has been tried and tested many times over across the country and the results are proven. Just check out our testimonials!

So what is this program all about and how is it different from other dental implant seminar marketing programs out there?

dental implant patient education

This program is different because I am a real dentist practicing dentistry every day in the small town of Kingman Arizona. I began exploring seminar marketing several years ago when traditional marketing efforts were declining in ROI. I’m sure you can relate. I’m not in a competitive market, there is nothing special about my practice so I knew I needed to create some additional revenue streams. What better way to do that than to take a dental specialty of mine and create a reputation for myself around what I love to do.  I had other Dentist asking how I doubled my revenue in one year and wanting to visit my office to attend one of my seminars. I decided, even better I would share the ins and outs of the success of this program with dentists across the country through Catalyst Dental. 

Here is what you will learn from purchasing my program:

  • Pre designed, editable event marketing materials for direct mail, newspaper and e-mail
  • Event marketing strategy guide
  • Complete staff to-do list and owner checklist for flawless execution
  • Ready-to-go or editable seminar power point presentation
  • Complete event set up guide, down to refreshments
  • Before and after guides
  • Client data capture and follow up tools
  • All materials are conveniently loaded on a USB drive

This program is right for you if….

  • You have seen decline in traditional media ROI like radio, print, and direct mail
  • You are passionate about educating patients on the life changing impact of dental implants
  • You are ready to become the expert on dental implants in your area
  • You want to grow your practice by working smarter not harder

Now it’s your turn to double your revenue. Are you ready?

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