How Catalyst Dental Began

How Catalyst Dental Began With Dr. Jason Lowry

We couldn’t tell you he story of how Catalyst Dental began without first telling you about How Jason Lowry became a Dentist.  Jason did not begin planning his career in dentistry at an early age, nor did he have any dental influences to help launch him into his Kingman Arizona practice. Jason is what some might call an accidental dentist. Thankfully so.

After high school, Jason spent a couple of years down in South America, doing missionary work for his church. During his first semester in college,  he signed up for biology, chemistry, physics and calculus. Two short weeks into it, he decided to switch gears. Jason, not shy when it came to hard work, had tons of different jobs. Through that transition time he found some clarity and decided to become a business and Spanish major. Fast forward to just one semester from graduating, Jason had a lovely wife, a young son and some doubts about his future in business. Jason called his dad, and asked for some guidance. As we all know, Father knows best and Jason’s dad set up a job shadow day with a friend who happened to be a Dentist.

That day proved to be inspiring and life changing for Jason and, the rest is history. Fast forward seven years. Jason now has a practice in the small town of Kingman, Arizona, a beautiful and growing family. Yet one thing was lacking, the inspiration he found that day on his job shadow. Doing a little soul searching, Jason was committed to finding that passion for dentistry again. 

That’s when he discovered his niche, dental implants.  Jason knew that every time he placed an implant, restore an implant, he got  excited about dentistry. Perfecting the process of dental implant educational seminars for patients became a new passion for Jason and as he got better and better at it, so did his new patient numbers. Those seminars were instrumental in the growth of his dental practice and he knew he was on to something.  Catalyst Dental was born from this success. Dr. Lowry knew if he could create a platform that was fool proof, easy to follow and implement he had the tool that would help other dentists grow their businesses as well. 

Jason developed a presentation strategy, tools to how to market the presentation, presentation delivery and post presentation follow up processes for his dental implant program.  Eventually he was able to create similar programs for other dental specialties. Dr. Lowry’s first seminar had twelve people attend, of the twelve people, all of them came back.  That first seminar brought in an additional $75,000 worth of revenue into the practice. Dentists across the country are now doing the same with Catalyst Dental Programs. To learn more about these products and how they can help grow your practice, CLICK HERE.