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Building your practice and yourself isn’t easy. Follow myself and other dentists as we discuss the secrets of success.

Tune in to learn all of the things we never learned in dental school. We will be talking with top producing dentists, industry leaders and coaches to bring you the latest in dental marketing, overhead management, and profitability.

Dr. Anissa Holmes

delivering wow

The Delivering WOW Dental Podcast

Episode11 How To Niche Down To Achieve More with Dr. Jason Lowry

Learn how Dr. Jason Lowry has created a multi million dollar dental practice and positioned himself as a leader of dental implants and same day orthodontics in the small town of Kingman, Arizona. Dr. Lowry has discovered that the key to success is i

Dr. Jason Lowry

Dental Business Podcast

Dr. Jason Lowry – Redemption Of Success

Dr. Lowry is a regular guest on the Dentalpreneuer Podcast with Dr. Mark Costes.  In this episode we talk about my program Six Month Smiles and how creating marketing seminars has provided continued success for Catalyst Dental. Dr. Lowry also explains in detail how he was able to transition his small town clinic in Kingman, A

Dr. Jason W. Lowry

Building a Successful Practice Within a Practice

Building a successful dental practice within a practice:

In this episode of the Dentalpreneuer Podcast Dr. Lowry and Dr. Costes dive into the launch of the Catalyst Dental seminar kit Dr. Lowry created for his patients to inform them about dental implants. The kit contains a 40 page color A-Z guide on how to get star