Tips, Tricks, and the Right Mindset

The following helpful tips will help you create long term dental success.

Keep Learning and Connecting

Part of my success as a business owner is entirely credited to the tools I have been able to acquire over the years and learning from other Dentists doing it better. I have invested in mentors, e-learning and seminars as part of my overall budget. Something I will continue to do as long as I am in business. When you stop learning, you stop improving. I think you get the idea.


Be willing to look at the way you run your business objectively

So often we are blinded by our own opinion. We get set in our ways without even noticing we are doing it. Have you ever talked to another dentist who is doing something that is working really well for his or her business and say, “that will never work for me”.  You are right, it wont work if you don’t try. And it certainly wont work if you don’t change your attitude. Even if it’s uncomfortable, be willing to look at the efforts you are making, take ownership over what is not working and be willing to ask for help.

Be open to trying new things

Let me give you an example. You may think Seminar marketing is not for you. Marketing to your community for an in-person lunch and learn or seminar may seem so out of your comfort zone that even learning about how it’s done or exploring the potential growth for your practice seems impossible. Do your best to work through that negative self talk. If a system is proven successful and is providing rapid growth for other dentists, why talk yourself out of the opportunity. Take the time to learn from others, be willing to recognize the fact that you might be your own roadblock and take a chance on something new.

You miss 100% if the chances you never take.

Repeat. The End.